Cat Sitters in St. Augustine

Most cats aren’t the best travelers. Cats are creatures of routine, and when their humans have to go away for work or vacation, most cats probably won’t enjoy going on the trip. That’s why cat sitting at home in St. Augustine is so important. If you need to be away from your cat for more than a night, we can provide personalized cat care for your furry family member.

Why Is Cat Sitting Important?

Cats function best when they get plenty of food, sleep, love, and play. When their owners have to leave, their feeding schedules become disrupted, and they can get bored without having anyone to play with. A good cat sitter will give your cat plenty of attention, helping them feel safe and assured their favorite human is coming back to them.

Ensuring Attention and Affection

We know cat owners dearly love their feline friends. When you truly love a cat, they become a family member, which makes being away from them difficult. When we come and watch your cat, we provide daily updates on how your cat is doing, along with regular photos. We’ll keep them on their preferred feeding schedule, and if they need medication, we’ll administer it.

We’ll also give your cat the attention they want and deserve. When we’re called in for overnight cat sitting, we’ll lay with your cat, play with their favorite toys and help them feel comfortable with our presence. Our personalized cat care can help felines and their human friends get through their separation until you can be together again.

Book Our Cat Care Services Today

If you know you have an upcoming trip, now’s the time to schedule our feline sitting services. Cat sitting bookings can go quickly, so be sure to contact Ruff House South today to reserve an appointment for your cat.