Dog Walkers in St. Augustine

You’re a busy person, so you might not have as much time to spend with your dog as you’d like. But you still want your favorite canine to get exercise and attention. If this sounds like you, then consider using our dog walking service in St. Augustine to keep your pet happy and to give you peace of mind.

Positive Impact of Regular Dog Walks

When you hire a dog walker, you and your pooch can receive some major benefits. For starters, your dog will get consistent exercise, as they’ll be walking briskly and playing outdoors. This can boost your pet’s health and contribute to weight management. Additionally, animals that receive the training and discipline that walks provide are less likely to misbehave or be destructive.

Along with that, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your dog is getting attention from a trained team of walkers who sincerely care about your pup. We understand your dog is a member of the family and deserving of quality pet care.


Convenient Dog Care Solutions

Perhaps you’ve been ill and can’t move around as much as you’d like. Maybe your work and family obligations prevent you from taking walks with your pet. Our walking services can fill the gap.

We also offer pet sitting and other pet care services, so if you travel for work or pleasure, there’s no need to hire an expensive boarding service. We’ll make sure your dog is safe and happy.

Dog Walking Appointment

To schedule walks Monday through Friday, simply give us a call. We’ll visit your home at the scheduled time and take your dog for either a 25- or 50-minute walk. It’s that simple. Reach out to set up your appointment or have your questions and ideas answered by someone on our team.